Joining Dots is an independent practice specialising in systems and trends connecting people, information and technology. Identifying potential and bridging business-IT gaps to help create smarter outcomes. Our goal is to help organisations thrive in the digital age by improving access to and the application of information and knowledge

We can assist in three ways:

The focus is on balancing new technology capabilities with practical realities such as the need to redesign organisational processes to benefit from new ways of working and the impact of resource constraints on design decisions

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Envisioning Potential

Digital Strategies imageTaking an idea or existing system, examining its performance and visualising the possibilities. Activities can include creating and delivering presentations, facilitating workshops and making recommendations to stakeholders. Short focused engagements that combine organisational analysis with evidence-based research to guide decisions. Next steps are always optional

Fees range from £1,500 to £15,000 depending on preparation and deliverables

Ideal for events and early stage projects involving the review of current systems, exploratory ideas, new technology investments and potential workplace transformations. Outcomes can include presentations and prototypes to visually demonstrate and walk through new ways of working before committing to change

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Strategic Guide

Digital technologies enable decisions, actions and relationships to scale beyond physical constraints. But to benefit requires organisational changes that go far beyond the remit of an IT project. For those seeking to transform and digitise the workplace, we can assist more closely at a decision-making level. Bridging business-IT gaps to reimagine processes and create next-generation ICT services. Forming intentional strategies: what should be done versus everything that could be done. Is the priority to do better, to grow, to change or to innovate?

Fees are £12,000 per month for participation in a six to eighteen month change programme. We also offer a subscription-based day rate that can include adhoc advice and regular activities such as attendance at governance board meetings and periodic systems performance reviews

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Solution Design

Moving from ideas to action. Mapping business requirements to technology capabilities within resource constraints. Redesigning systems and processes to improve decisions and actions, including: information management, performance analysis, process automation, digital workspaces and collaborative environments

Fees range from £10,000 to £60,000 per project depending on the scale and scope of activities to be included and outcomes to be delivered

Intended for organisations investing in digital, social and mobile technologies to improve performance. From platform architectures, systems governance and lifecycle planning to individual solution designs

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Our Approach to Systems Design and Technology Choices

Theories and ideas can be technology-agnostic but come with a note of caution – what’s theoretically possible may not always be feasible in practice. For strategies and designs we aim to keep ‘it’ simple, applying architectural principles, ease-of-use norms and cross-platform standards whilst acknowledging that resource constraints may influence design decisions and require difficult compromises. Delivering working information systems means choosing a technology. We work with mainstream platforms for proven scale and supportability – Microsoft SharePoint remains the most popular – complemented by new entrants offering innovative capabilities that deliver instant value, such as DropBox

Or the short version: Whilst theories and visions can help spark ideas for change, they can prove costly in practice. For strategies and conceptual designs, we keep it simple and follow standards where possible – most platforms share similar capabilities. For working solutions, we apply the technologies we use ourselves

Our Approach to Presentations and Prototypes

Showing what’s possible (or not) is a common theme throughout all of our services. We put a lot of work into creating presentations and prototypes that help deliver a memorable impact for the intended audience – business or technical, in large and small numbers (from auditorium-style to round-table events)

Presentations are developed in one of three formats, each individually tailored to the target audience:

  • Story-telling: introducing an idea or concept, mostly talking with visuals to inspire
  • Educational: exploring a topic or solution in more detail, with diagrams to aid understanding
  • Workshop: showing lessons learned to facilitate discussions , a mix of research, case studies and context

When it comes to making decisions or getting buy-in to ideas that need to translate into working solutions, we use prototypes to visualise and walkthrough the proposed outcomes. We find they can help resolve conflicts and clarify priorities: “Now that I see it, it isn’t what we want”, “Didn’t know we could do that!”, “It will cost how much?” Raising such issues early in projects can avoid costly mistakes and lead to better solution designs

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Fees shown are estimates for guideline purposes only and do not include VAT or travel

And not to forget the free stuff. You’re welcome to browse the content shared on this site and we’re always happy to host short online chats at no cost to informally discuss ideas. To find out more, please contact us!